Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for your interest in the expert activity in Bulgaria realized both in the court and the pre-trial proceedings.

The non-profit association “SEFITA” joins experts and their organizations operating mainly in the field of judicial expertising as well as on assignments by tax, customs and administrative authorities, and fulfillment of orders of legal and individual entities concerning economic and technical activities.

SEFITA was established in 2004 and registered by company file № 8122/2004 of the SCC/CD, under UIC 131281977.

Its seat and address of management are in Sofia, 1A, Oborishte Str.

The Association management is performed by a Management Board of 3 members and is represented by a Chairman.

SEFITA priority fields of realization via the experts and companies, taking part in its operation, as well as external collaborators and specialized organizations, attracted if needed, are mainly in the area of the financial and economic analysis, assessment, technical developments, accountancy, tax and customs procedures.

More than 5 years, the Association has been making efforts to analyze the local experience in order to improve the results from the judicial expertise and implementation of good practices.Via addresses to the Supreme Judicial Council of the Republic of Bulgaria, to the Ministry of Justice, to judicial and prosecution structures, we have alerted weak points and suggest measures for better communication between the judicial experts and legal system authorities – unfortunately the large majority of our statements remained unanswered and unconsidered.

This negative situation of lack of willingness in the Bulgarian judicial system to consider, discuss and accept solutions for improvement of the process of assignment, performance and reporting the judicial expertise as well as the decent payment of the work of the judicial experts, and also taking in consideration the circumstance that Bulgaria is already a member of the European Union, motivates us to look for cooperation with similar organizations from European countries – for participation in projects and programs directed to the implementation of good practices and tested models of interaction in the fulfillment of judicial expertises.

In this view, we deem our contact with the European Expertise and Expert Institute (ЕЕЕI) considerable, which helped, through information and organized events, to indicate main fields of harmonization of the approaches and regulations concerning the judicial expertising within the EU countries. We would like to express out gratitude and highlight the contribution of the President of ЕЕЕI – Mr. Jean-Raymond LEMAIRE, who, with his individual approach and understanding to the current problems of the judicial experts in Bulgaria, contributed to the clarification of the development trends for the expert activity in our litigation.

The experts registered at the Association SEFITA publish their works in the field of the judicial expertise in the specialized edition “Independent evaluator”.

Current information about our activities can be reached on our official website www.sefita.org.

If you have any proposals, recommendations or questions, we would appreciate if you write to us on office@sefita.org or call us in the office on +3592/857 50 91.